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Class java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor

Added Methods
Class getDefaultRepresentationClass()  
String getDefaultRepresentationClassAsString()  
Reader getReaderForText(Transferable) Gets a reader for an input stream decoded for the expected charset (encoding).
DataFlavor getTextPlainUnicodeFlavor()  
boolean match(DataFlavor) Two DataFlavors match if their primary types subtypes and representation classes are all equal.
DataFlavor selectBestTextFlavor(DataFlavor[]) @return the best (highest fidelity) flavor in an encoding supported by the JDK or null if none can be found.

Changed Methods
int hashCode() Method was inherited from Object, but is now defined locally. Changed from native to non-native. Returns hash code for this DataFlavor.
boolean equals(String) Now deprecated.
As inconsistent with hashCode() contract, use isMimeTypeEqual(String) instead.

Changed Fields
DataFlavor plainTextFlavor Now deprecated.
as of 1.3.