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Class javax.swing.AbstractButton.AccessibleAbstractButton

Added interface javax.accessibility.AccessibleText.

Added Methods
AccessibleIcon[] getAccessibleIcon() Get the AccessibleIcons associated with this object if one or more exist.
AccessibleRelationSet getAccessibleRelationSet() Get the AccessibleRelationSet associated with this object if one exists.
String getAfterIndex(int, int) Returns the String after a given index.
String getAtIndex(int, int) Returns the String at a given index.
String getBeforeIndex(int, int) Returns the String before a given index.
int getCaretPosition() Return the zero-based offset of the caret.
int getCharCount() Return the number of characters (valid indicies)
AttributeSet getCharacterAttribute(int) Return the AttributeSet for a given character at a given index
Rectangle getCharacterBounds(int) Determine the bounding box of the character at the given index into the string.
int getIndexAtPoint(Point) Given a point in local coordinates return the zero-based index of the character under that Point.
String getSelectedText() Returns the portion of the text that is selected.
int getSelectionEnd() Returns the end offset within the selected text.
int getSelectionStart() Returns the start offset within the selected text.

Changed Methods
AccessibleText getAccessibleText() Method was inherited from AccessibleContext, but is now defined locally.