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Class javax.swing.AbstractButton

Added Methods
void configurePropertiesFromAction(Action) Factory method which sets the ActionEvent source's properties according to values from the Action instance.
PropertyChangeListener createActionPropertyChangeListener(Action) Factory method which creates the PropertyChangeListener used to update the ActionEvent source as properties change on its Action instance.
Action getAction() Returns the currently set Action for this ActionEvent source or null if no Action is set.
void setAction(Action) Sets the Action for the ActionEvent source.

Changed Methods
Object[] getSelectedObjects() Changed from synchronized to non-synchronized. Returns an array (length 1) containing the label or null if the button is not selected.
boolean imageUpdate(Image, int, int, int, int, int) Method was inherited from Component, but is now defined locally. This is overridden to return false if the current Icon's Image is not equal to the passed in Image img.
boolean isFocusTraversable() Method was inherited from JComponent, but is now defined locally. Identifies whether or not this component can receive the focus.