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Class javax.swing.JTree

Added Methods
TreePath getAnchorSelectionPath() Returns the path identified as the anchor.
boolean getExpandsSelectedPaths() Returns the expandsSelectedPaths property.
int getToggleClickCount() Returns the number of mouse clicks needed to expand or close a node.
boolean removeDescendantSelectedPaths(TreePath, boolean) Removes any paths in the selection that are descendants of path.
void setAnchorSelectionPath(TreePath) Sets the path identified as the anchor.
void setExpandsSelectedPaths(boolean) Configures the expandsSelectedPaths property.
void setLeadSelectionPath(TreePath) Sets the path identifies as the lead.
void setToggleClickCount(int) Sets the number of mouse clicks before a node will expand or close.

Added Fields
String ANCHOR_SELECTION_PATH_PROPERTY Bound property name for anchor selection path.
String EXPANDS_SELECTED_PATHS_PROPERTY Bound property name for expands selected paths property
String LEAD_SELECTION_PATH_PROPERTY Bound property name for leadSelectionPath.
String TOGGLE_CLICK_COUNT_PROPERTY Bound property name for toggleClickCount.