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Class javax.swing.text.AbstractWriter

Added Methods
boolean getCanWrapLines() Returns whether or not the lines can be wrapped.
int getCurrentLineLength() Returns the current line length.
int getEndOffset() Returns the last offset to be output.
int getIndentLevel() Returns the current indentation level.
int getIndentSpace() Returns the amount of space to indent.
int getLineLength() Returns the maximum line length.
String getLineSeparator() Returns the string used to represent newlines.
int getStartOffset() Returns the first offset to be output.
Writer getWriter() Returns the Writer that is used to output the content.
boolean isLineEmpty() Returns true if the current line should be considered empty.
void output(char[], int, int) The last stop in writing out content.
void setCanWrapLines(boolean) Sets whether or not lines can be wrapped.
void setCurrentLineLength(int) Sets the current line length.
void setLineSeparator(String) Sets the String used to reprsent newlines.
void write(char[], int, int) All write methods call into this one.
void writeLineSeparator() Writes the line separator.