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Package javax.swing.plaf.basic

Added Classes
BasicHTML Support for providing html views for the swing components.
BasicRootPaneUI Basic implementation of RootPaneUI there is one shared between all JRootPane instances.

Changed Classes
BasicBorders Factory object that can vend Borders appropriate for the basic L & F.
BasicDesktopPaneUI Basic L&F for a desktop.
BasicEditorPaneUI Provides the look and feel for a JEditorPane.
BasicInternalFrameTitlePane The class that manages a basic title bar
BasicInternalFrameUI A basic L&F implementation of JInternalFrame.
BasicMenuItemUI BasicMenuItem implementation
BasicPopupMenuUI A Windows L&F implementation of PopupMenuUI.
BasicSliderUI A Basic L&F implementation of SliderUI.
BasicSplitPaneDivider Divider used by BasicSplitPaneUI.
BasicSplitPaneUI A Basic L&F implementation of the SplitPaneUI.
BasicSplitPaneUI.BasicVerticalLayoutManager LayoutManager used for JSplitPanes with an orientation of VERTICAL_SPLIT.
BasicTabbedPaneUI A Basic L&F implementation of TabbedPaneUI.
BasicTextFieldUI Basis of a look and feel for a JTextField.
BasicToolBarUI A Basic L&F implementation of ToolBarUI.