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Class java.awt.event.MouseEvent

Added Constructors
MouseEvent(Component, int, long, int, int, int, int, boolean, int) Constructs a MouseEvent object with the specified source component type modifiers coordinates and click count.

Added Methods
int getButton() Returns which if any of the mouse buttons has changed state.
String getMouseModifiersText(int) Returns a String describing the modifier key(s) such as "Shift" or "Ctrl+Shift".

Added Fields
int BUTTON1 Indicates mouse button #1; used by #getButton
int BUTTON2 Indicates mouse button #2; used by #getButton
int BUTTON3 Indicates mouse button #3; used by #getButton
int MOUSE_WHEEL The "mouse wheel" event.
int NOBUTTON Indicates no mouse buttons; used by #getButton