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Added Constructors
MulticastSocket(SocketAddress) Create a MulticastSocket bound to the specified socket address.

Added Methods
boolean getLoopbackMode() Get the setting for local loopback of multicast datagrams.
NetworkInterface getNetworkInterface() Get the multicast network interface set.
void joinGroup(SocketAddress, NetworkInterface) Joins the specified multicast group at the specified interface.
void leaveGroup(SocketAddress, NetworkInterface) Leave a multicast group on a specified local interface.
void setLoopbackMode(boolean) Disable/Enable local loopback of multicast datagrams The option is used by the platform's networking code as a hint for setting whether multicast data will be looped back to the local socket.
void setNetworkInterface(NetworkInterface) Specify the network interface for outgoing multicast datagrams sent on this socket.

Changed Methods
void send(DatagramPacket, byte) Now deprecated.
Use the following code or its equivalent instead: ......