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Class java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoader

Added Methods
RMIClassLoaderSpi getDefaultProviderInstance() Returns the canonical instance of the default provider for the service provider interface RMIClassLoaderSpi If the system property java.rmi.server.RMIClassLoaderSpi is not defined then the RMIClassLoader static methods
  • {@link #loadClass(URL String)}
  • {@link #loadClass(String String)}
  • {@link #loadClass(String String ClassLoader)}
  • {@link #loadProxyClass(String String[] ClassLoader)}
  • {@link #getClassLoader(String)}
  • {@link #getClassAnnotation(Class)}
will use the canonical instance of the default provider as the service provider instance.
Class loadClass(String, String, ClassLoader) Loads a class from a codebase URL path optionally using the supplied loader.
Class loadProxyClass(String, String[], ClassLoader) Loads a dynamic proxy class (see tha implements a set of interfaces with the given names from a codebase URL path.