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Class javax.swing.JList

Added Methods
boolean getDragEnabled() Gets the dragEnabled property.
int getLayoutOrientation() Returns JList.VERTICAL if the layout is a single column of cells or JList.VERTICAL_WRAP if the layout is "newspaper style" with the content flowing vertically then horizontally or JList.HORIZONTAL_WRAP if the layout is "newspaper style" with the content flowing horizontally then vertically.
ListSelectionListener[] getListSelectionListeners() Returns an array of all the ListSelectionListeners added to this JList with addListSelectionListener().
int getNextMatch(String, int, Bias) Returns the next list element that starts with a prefix.
String getToolTipText(MouseEvent) Overrides JComponent's getToolTipText method in order to allow the renderer's tips to be used if it has text set.
void setDragEnabled(boolean) Sets the dragEnabled property which must be true to enable automatic drag handling (the first part of drag and drop) on this component.
void setLayoutOrientation(int) Defines the way list cells are layed out.

Added Fields
int HORIZONTAL_WRAP Indicates "newspaper style" with the cells flowing horizontally then vertically.
int VERTICAL Indicates the default layout: one column of cells.
int VERTICAL_WRAP Indicates "newspaper style" layout with the cells flowing vertically then horizontally.