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Class javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTabbedPaneUI

Added Methods
int getNextTabIndexInRun(int, int)  
int getNextTabRun(int)  
int getPreviousTabIndexInRun(int, int)  
int getPreviousTabRun(int)  
Rectangle getTabBounds(int, Rectangle) Returns the bounds of the specified tab in the coordinate space of the JTabbedPane component.
View getTextViewForTab(int) Returns the text View object required to render stylized text (HTML) for the specified tab or null if no specialized text rendering is needed for this tab.
void installComponents() Creates and installs any required subcomponents for the JTabbedPane.
void paintTabArea(Graphics, int, int) Paints the tabs in the tab area.
void selectNextTabInRun(int)  
void selectPreviousTabInRun(int)  
void uninstallComponents() Removes any installed subcomponents from the JTabbedPane.

Added Fields
Rectangle calcRect A rectangle used for general layout calculations in order to avoid constructing many new Rectangles on the fly.