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Class javax.swing.text.JTextComponent.AccessibleJTextComponent

Added interfaces javax.accessibility.AccessibleAction, javax.accessibility.AccessibleEditableText.

Changed Constructors
JTextComponent.AccessibleJTextComponent(void) Change in type from JTextComponent to void.
Constructs an AccessibleJTextComponent.

Added Methods
void cut(int, int) Cuts the text between two indices into the system clipboard.
void delete(int, int) Deletes the text between two indices
boolean doAccessibleAction(int) Performs the specified Action on the object
int getAccessibleActionCount() Returns the number of accessible actions available in this object If there are more than one the first one is considered the "default" action of the object.
String getAccessibleActionDescription(int) Returns a description of the specified action of the object.
AccessibleEditableText getAccessibleEditableText() Returns the AccessibleEditableText interface for this text component.
String getTextRange(int, int) Returns the text string between two indices.
void insertTextAtIndex(int, String) Inserts the specified string at the given index
void paste(int) Pastes the text from the system clipboard into the text starting at the specified index.
void replaceText(int, int, String) Replaces the text between two indices with the specified string.
void selectText(int, int) Selects the text between two indices.
void setAttributes(int, int, AttributeSet) Sets attributes for the text between two indices.
void setTextContents(String) Sets the text contents to the specified string.

Changed Methods
AccessibleAction getAccessibleAction() Method was inherited from AccessibleContext, but is now defined locally.