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Class javax.swing.text.JTextComponent

Added Methods
CaretListener[] getCaretListeners() Returns an array of all the caret listeners registered on this text component.
boolean getDragEnabled() Gets the dragEnabled property.
NavigationFilter getNavigationFilter() Returns the NavigationFilter.
String getToolTipText(MouseEvent) Returns the string to be used as the tooltip for event.
void setDragEnabled(boolean) Sets the dragEnabled property which must be true to enable automatic drag handling (the first part of drag and drop) on this component.
void setNavigationFilter(NavigationFilter) Sets the NavigationFilter.

Changed Methods
boolean isFocusTraversable() Method was locally defined, but is now inherited from Component. Now deprecated.
As of 1.4, replaced by isFocusable().
void setComponentOrientation(ComponentOrientation) Method was inherited from Component, but is now defined locally.