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Package java.awt.datatransfer

Added Interfaces
FlavorTable A FlavorMap which relaxes the traditional 1-to-1 restriction of a Map.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
Clipboard A class which implements a mechanism to transfer data using cut/copy/paste operations.
ClipboardOwner Defines the interface for classes that will provide data to a clipboard.
DataFlavor Each instance represents the opaque concept of a data format as would appear on a clipboard during drag and drop or in a file system.
FlavorMap A two-way Map between "natives" (Strings) which correspond to platform- specfic data formats and "flavors" (DataFlavors) which corerspond to platform-independent MIME types.
StringSelection A Transferable which implements the capability required to transfer a String.
SystemFlavorMap The SystemFlavorMap is a configurable map between "natives" (Strings) which correspond to platform-specific data formats and "flavors" (DataFlavors) which correspond to platform-independent MIME types.
Transferable Defines the interface for classes that can be used to provide data for a transfer operation.
UnsupportedFlavorException Signals that the requested data is not supported in this flavor.