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Package java.rmi.server

Added Classes
RMIClassLoaderSpi RMIClassLoaderSpi is the service provider interface for RMIClassLoader.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
ExportException An ExportException is a RemoteException thrown if an attempt to export a remote object fails.
LoaderHandler LoaderHandler is an interface used internally by the RMI runtime in previous implementation versions.
LogStream LogStream provides a mechanism for logging errors that are of possible interest to those monitoring a system.
ObjID An ObjID is used to identify a remote object exported to an RMI runtime.
Operation An Operation contains a description of a Java method.
RMIClassLoader RMIClassLoader comprises static methods to support dynamic class loading with RMI.
RMIClientSocketFactory An RMIClientSocketFactory instance is used by the RMI runtime in order to obtain client sockets for RMI calls.
RMIFailureHandler An RMIFailureHandler can be registered via the RMISocketFactory.setFailureHandler call.
RMIServerSocketFactory An RMIServerSocketFactory instance is used by the RMI runtime in order to obtain server sockets for RMI calls.
RMISocketFactory An RMISocketFactory instance is used by the RMI runtime in order to obtain client and server sockets for RMI calls.
RemoteCall RemoteCall is an abstraction used solely by the RMI runtime (in conjunction with stubs and skeletons of remote objects) to carry out a call to a remote object.
RemoteObject The RemoteObject class implements the java.lang.Object behavior for remote objects.
RemoteRef RemoteRef represents the handle for a remote object.
RemoteServer The RemoteServer class is the common superclass to server implementations and provides the framework to support a wide range of remote reference semantics.
RemoteStub The RemoteStub class is the common superclass to client stubs and provides the framework to support a wide range of remote reference semantics.
ServerCloneException A ServerCloneException is thrown if a remote exception occurs during the cloning of a UnicastRemoteObject.
ServerNotActiveException An ServerNotActiveException is an Exception thrown during a call to RemoteServer.getClientHost if the getClientHost method is called outside of servicing a remote method call.
ServerRef A ServerRef represents the server-side handle for a remote object implementation.
Skeleton The Skeleton interface is used solely by the RMI implementation.
SkeletonMismatchException This exception is thrown when a call is received that does not match the available skeleton.
SkeletonNotFoundException A SkeletonNotFoundException is thrown if the Skeleton corresponding to the remote object being exported is not found.
SocketSecurityException A SocketSecurityException is thrown during remote object export if the code exporting the remote object (either by construction or by explicit call to the exportObject method of UnicastRemoteObject or java.rmi.activation.Activatable) does not have permission to create a on the port number specified during remote object export.
UID A UID represents an identifier that is unique over time with respect to the host it is generated on or one of 216 "well-known" identifiers.
UnicastRemoteObject The UnicastRemoteObject class defines a non-replicated remote object whose references are valid only while the server process is alive.
Unreferenced A remote object implementation should implement the Unreferenced interface to receive notification when there are no more clients that reference that remote object.