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Package javax.swing.undo

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AbstractUndoableEdit An abstract implementation of UndoableEdit implementing simple responses to all boolean methods in that interface.
CannotRedoException Thrown when an UndoableEdit is told to redo() and can't.
CannotUndoException Thrown when an UndoableEdit is told to undo() and can't.
CompoundEdit A concrete subclass of AbstractUndoableEdit used to assemble little UndoableEdits into great big ones.

StateEdit is a general edit for objects that change state.

UndoManager Concrete subclass of CompoundEdit which can serve as a UndoableEditListener consolidating the UndoableEditEvents from a variety of sources and undoing or redoing them one at a time.
UndoableEdit An object representing an edit that has been done and that can be undone and redone.
UndoableEditSupport A support class used for managing UndoableEdit listeners.