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Package org.omg.CORBA

Removed Classes and Interfaces
Initializer This is the mapping for an IDL structure which specifies an initializer for a value type.
Repository This is the interface which defines the interface repository.

Added Classes

Used as a base class for implementation of a local IDL interface in the Java language mapping.

ParameterMode Enumeration of parameter modes for Parameter.
ParameterModeHelper Enumeration of parameter modes for Parameter.
ParameterModeHolder Enumeration of parameter modes for Parameter.
PolicyErrorCodeHelper Encapsulates a reason a Policy may be invalid.
PolicyErrorHelper Thrown to indicate problems with parameter values passed to the ORB.create_policy operation.
PolicyErrorHolder Thrown to indicate problems with parameter values passed to the ORB.create_policy operation.
StringSeqHelper An array of Strings
StringSeqHolder An array of Strings
UnknownUserExceptionHelper The Helper for UnknownUserException.
UnknownUserExceptionHolder The Holder for UnknownUserException.
WStringSeqHelper An array of WStrings
WStringSeqHolder An array of WStrings
WrongTransactionHelper The Helper for WrongTransaction.
WrongTransactionHolder The Holder for WrongTransaction.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
Any Serves as a container for any data that can be described in IDL or for any IDL primitive type.
AnyHolder The Holder for Any.
AnySeqHelper The Helper for AnySeq.
AnySeqHolder The Holder for AnySeq.
BAD_CONTEXT Exception thrown when an operation is invoked by a client but the passed context does not contain the context values required by the operation.
BAD_INV_ORDER This exception indicates that the caller has invoked operations in the wrong order.
BAD_OPERATION Exception thrown when an object reference denotes an existing object but that the object does not support the operation that was invoked.
BAD_PARAM Exception thrown when a parameter passed to a call is out of range or otherwise considered illegal.
BAD_POLICY A PolicyErrorCode which would be filled in the PolicyError exception.
BAD_POLICY_TYPE A PolicyErrorCode which would be filled in the PolicyError exception.
BAD_POLICY_VALUE Contains the value used to indicate a policy value that is incorrect for a valid policy type in a call to the create_policy method defined in the ORB class.
BAD_TYPECODE Exception thrown when the ORB has encountered a malformed type code (for example a type code with an invalid TCKind value).
BooleanHolder The Holder for Boolean.
BooleanSeqHelper The Helper for BooleanSeq.
BooleanSeqHolder The Holder for BooleanSeq.
Bounds A user exception thrown when a parameter is not within the legal bounds for the object that a method is trying to access.
ByteHolder The Holder for Byte.
COMM_FAILURE This exception is raised if communication is lost while an operation is in progress after the request was sent by the client but before the reply from the server has been returned to the client.
CharHolder The Holder for Char.
CharSeqHelper The Helper for CharSeq.
CharSeqHolder The Holder for CharSeq.
CompletionStatus An object that indicates whether a method had completed running when a SystemException was thrown.
CompletionStatusHelper The Helper for CompletionStatus.
Context An object used in Request operations to specify the context object in which context strings must be resolved before being sent along with the request invocation.
Current Interfaces derived from the Current interface enable ORB and CORBA services to provide access to information (context) associated with the thread of execution in which they are running.
CurrentHelper The Helper for Current.
CurrentHolder The Holder for Current.
CurrentOperations The interface for Current.
CustomMarshal An abstract value type that is meant to be used by the ORB not the user.
DATA_CONVERSION This exception is raised if an ORB cannot convert the representation of data as marshaled into its native representation or vice-versa.
DataInputStream Defines the methods used to read primitive data types from input streams for unmarshaling custom value types.
DataOutputStream Defines the methods used to write primitive data types to output streams for marshalling custom value types.
DefinitionKind The class that provides the constants used to identify the type of an Interface Repository object.
DefinitionKindHelper The Helper for DefinitionKind.
DomainManager Provides mechanisms for establishing and navigating relationships to superior and subordinate domains as well as for creating and accessing policies.
DomainManagerOperations Provides the DomainManager with the means to access policies.
DoubleHolder The Holder for Double.
DoubleSeqHelper The Helper for DoubleSeq.
DoubleSeqHolder The Holder for DoubleSeq.
DynAny Enables org.omg.CORBA.Any values to be dynamically interpreted (traversed) and constructed.
DynArray Represents a DynAny object associated with an array.
DynEnum Represents a DynAny object associated with an IDL enum.
DynamicImplementation @deprecated org.omg.CORBA.DynamicImplementation
FREE_MEM Exception thrown when the ORB failed in an attempt to free dynamic memory for example because of heap corruption or memory segments being locked.
FieldNameHelper The Helper for FieldName.
FixedHolder The Holder for Fixed.
FloatHolder The Holder for Float.
FloatSeqHelper The Helper for FloatSeq.
FloatSeqHolder The Holder for FloatSeq.
IDLTypeHelper The Helper for IDLType.
IMP_LIMIT This exception indicates that an implementation limit was exceeded in the ORB run time.
INITIALIZE Exception thrown when an ORB has encountered a failure during its initialization such as failure to acquire networking resources or detecting a configuration error.
INTERNAL This exception indicates an internal failure in an ORB for example if an ORB has detected corruption of its internal data structures.
INTF_REPOS Exception raised when an ORB cannot reach the interface repository or some other failure relating to the interface repository is detected.
INVALID_TRANSACTION Exception thrown when the request carried an invalid transaction context.
INV_FLAG Exception thrown when an invalid flag was passed to an operation (for example when creating a DII request).
INV_IDENT This exception indicates that an IDL identifier is syntactically invalid.
INV_OBJREF This exception indicates that an object reference is internally malformed.
INV_POLICY Standard exception thrown when an invocation cannot be made because of an incompatibility between Policy overrides that apply to the particular invocation.
IRObjectOperations This is the Operations interface for the mapping from IRObject.
IdentifierHelper The Helper for Identifier.
IntHolder The Holder for Int.
LongHolder The Holder for Long.
LongLongSeqHelper The Helper for LongLongSeq.
LongLongSeqHolder The Holder for LongLongSeq.
LongSeqHelper The Helper for LongSeqHelper.
LongSeqHolder The Holder for LongSeq.
MARSHAL A request or reply from the network is structurally invalid.
NO_IMPLEMENT This exception indicates that even though the operation that was invoked exists (it has an IDL definition) no implementation for that operation exists.
NO_MEMORY Exception thrown when the ORB run time has run out of memory.
NO_PERMISSION Exception thrown when an invocation failed because the caller has insufficient privileges.
NO_RESOURCES Exception thrown when the ORB has encountered some general resource limitation.
NO_RESPONSE This exception is raised if a client attempts to retrieve the result of a deferred synchronous call but the response for the request is not yet available.
NVList A modifiable list containing NamedValue objects.
NameValuePair Associates a name with a value that is an attribute of an IDL struct and is used in the DynStruct APIs.
NameValuePairHelper The Helper for NameValuePair.
OBJECT_NOT_EXIST Exception raised whenever an invocation on a deleted object was performed.
OBJ_ADAPTER This exception typically indicates an administrative mismatch for example a server may have made an attempt to register itself with an implementation repository under a name that is already in use or is unknown to the repository.
ORB A class providing APIs for the CORBA Object Request Broker features.
ObjectHolder The Holder for Object.
OctetSeqHelper The Helper for OctetSeq.
OctetSeqHolder The Holder for OctetSeq.
PERSIST_STORE This exception indicates a persistent storage failure for example failure to establish a database connection or corruption of a database.
PRIVATE_MEMBER Constant to define a private member in the ValueMember class.
PUBLIC_MEMBER Constant to define a public member in the ValueMember class.
Policy Interfaces derived from the Policy interface allow an ORB or CORBA service access to certain choices that affect its operation.
PolicyError A user exception thrown when a policy error occurs.
PolicyHelper The Helper for Policy.
PolicyHolder The Holder for Policy.
PolicyListHelper The Helper for PolicyList.
PolicyListHolder The Holder for PolicyList.
PolicyOperations Provides the operations for a Policy object.
PolicyTypeHelper The Helper for PolicyType.
Principal A class that contains information about the identity of the client for access control and other purposes.
PrincipalHolder The Holder for Principal.
RepositoryIdHelper The Helper for RepositoryId.
ServerRequest An object that captures the explicit state of a request for the Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI).
ServiceDetail An object that represents an ORB service: its service_detail_type field contains the type of the ORB service and its service_detail field contains a description of the ORB service.
ServiceInformation An IDL struct in the CORBA module that stores information about a CORBA service available in the ORB implementation and is obtained from the ORB.get_service_information method.
ServiceInformationHolder The Holder for ServiceInformation.
SetOverrideType The mapping of a CORBA enum tagging SET_OVERRIDE and ADD_OVERRIDE which indicate whether policies should replace the existing policies of an Object or be added to them.
SetOverrideTypeHelper The Helper for SetOverrideType.
ShortHolder The Holder for Short.
ShortSeqHelper The Helper for ShortSeqHelper.
ShortSeqHolder The Holder for ShortSeq.
StringHolder The Holder for String.
StringValueHelper The Helper for StringValue.
StructMember Describes a member of an IDL struct in the Interface Repository including the name of the struct member the type of the struct member and the typedef that represents the IDL type of the struct member described the struct member object.
StructMemberHelper The Helper for StructMember.
TCKind The Java mapping of the IDL enum TCKind which specifies the kind of a TypeCode object.
TRANSACTION_REQUIRED Exception indicates that the request carried a null transaction context but an active transaction is required.
TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACK Exception thrown when the transaction associated with the request has already been rolled back or marked to roll back.
TRANSIENT Exception thrown when the ORB attempted to reach an object and failed.
TypeCode A container for information about a specific CORBA data type.
TypeCodeHolder The Holder for TypeCode.
ULongLongSeqHelper The Helper for ULongLongSeq.
ULongLongSeqHolder The Holder for ULongLongSeq.
ULongSeqHelper The Helper for ULongSeq.
ULongSeqHolder The Holder for ULongSeq.
UNKNOWN This exception is raised if an operation implementation throws a non-CORBA exception (such as an exception specific to the implementation's programming language) or if an operation raises a user exception that does not appear in the operation's raises expression.
UNSUPPORTED_POLICY One of the PolicyErrorCodes which would be filled if the requested Policy is understood to be valid by the ORB but is not currently supported.
UNSUPPORTED_POLICY_VALUE A PolicyErrorCode which would be filled if the value requested for the Policy is of a valid type and within the valid range for that type but this valid value is not currently supported.
UShortSeqHelper The Helper for UShortSeq.
UShortSeqHolder The Holder for UShortSeq.
UnionMember A description in the Interface Repository of a member of an IDL union.
UnionMemberHelper The Helper for UnionMember.
UnknownUserException A class that contains user exceptions returned by the server.
UserException The root class for CORBA IDL-defined user exceptions.
VM_ABSTRACT Defines the code used to represent an Abstract interface in a typecode.
VM_CUSTOM Defines the code used to represent a custom marshalled value type in a typecode.
VM_NONE Defines the code used to represent the one of the values of a value type in a typecode.
VM_TRUNCATABLE Defines the code used to represent a truncatable value type in a typecode.
ValueBaseHolder The Holder for ValueBase.
ValueMember A description in the Interface Repository of a member of a value object.
ValueMemberHelper The Helper for ValueMember.
VersionSpecHelper The Helper for VersionSpec.
VisibilityHelper The Helper for Visibility.
WCharSeqHelper The Helper for WCharSeq.
WCharSeqHolder The Holder for WCharSeq.
WStringValueHelper org/omg/CORBA/ Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable) version "3.0" from orb.idl 31 May 1999 22:27:30 o'clock GMT+00:00 The class definition has been modified to conform to the following OMG specifications :
WrongTransaction The CORBA WrongTransaction user-defined exception.
_IDLTypeStub The Stub for IDLType.
_PolicyStub The Stub for Policy.