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Class IIOMetadata, void reset()

Resets all the data stored in this object to default values usually to the state this object was in immediately after construction though the precise semantics are plug-in specific. Note that there are many possible default values depending on how the object was created. @exception IllegalStateException if this object is read-only. @see javax.imageio.ImageReader#getStreamMetadata @see javax.imageio.ImageReader#getImageMetadata @see javax.imageio.ImageWriter#getDefaultStreamMetadata @see javax.imageio.ImageWriter#getDefaultImageMetadata

Class IIOMetadataNode

A class representing a node in a meta-data tree which implements the org.w3c.dom.Element interface and additionally allows for the storage of non-textual objects via the getUserObject and setUserObject methods.

This class is not intended to be used for general XML processing. In particular Element nodes created within the Image I/O API are not compatible with those created by Sun's standard implementation of the org.w3.dom API. In particular the implementation is tuned for simple uses and may not perform well for intensive processing.

Namespaces are ignored in this implementation. The terms "tag name" and "node name" are always considered to be synonymous. @see IIOMetadata#getAsTree @see IIOMetadata#setFromTree @see IIOMetadata#mergeTree @version 0.5