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Package javax.swing.plaf.metal

Changed Classes
DefaultMetalTheme This class describes the default Metal Theme.
MetalBorders Factory object that can vend Borders appropriate for the metal L & F.
MetalButtonUI MetalButtonUI implementation
MetalComboBoxButton JButton subclass to help out MetalComboBoxUI
MetalComboBoxEditor The default editor for Metal editable combo boxes
MetalComboBoxUI Metal UI for JComboBox
MetalFileChooserUI Metal L&F implementation of a FileChooser.
MetalIconFactory Factory object that vends Icons for the JavaTM look and feel (Metal).
MetalLookAndFeel Implements the Java look and feel (codename: Metal).
MetalRadioButtonUI RadioButtonUI implementation for MetalRadioButtonUI
MetalRootPaneUI Provides the metal look and feel implementation of RootPaneUI.
MetalTheme This interface acts as a generic way to describe the colors used by Metal.