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Package org.xml.sax

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AttributeList Interface for an element's attribute specifications.
Attributes Interface for a list of XML attributes.
ContentHandler Receive notification of the logical content of a document.
DTDHandler Receive notification of basic DTD-related events.
DocumentHandler Receive notification of general document events.
EntityResolver Basic interface for resolving entities.
ErrorHandler Basic interface for SAX error handlers.
HandlerBase Default base class for handlers.
InputSource A single input source for an XML entity.
Locator Interface for associating a SAX event with a document location.
Parser Basic interface for SAX (Simple API for XML) parsers.
SAXException Encapsulate a general SAX error or warning.
SAXNotRecognizedException Exception class for an unrecognized identifier.
SAXNotSupportedException Exception class for an unsupported operation.
SAXParseException Encapsulate an XML parse error or warning.
XMLFilter Interface for an XML filter.
XMLReader Interface for reading an XML document using callbacks.