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Class java.util.regex.Matcher

Added interface java.util.regex.MatchResult.

Added Methods
MatchResult asResult() Returns the match state of this matcher as a MatchResult.
boolean hitEnd()

Returns true if the end of input was hit by the search engine in the last match operation performed by this matcher.

String quoteReplacement(String) Returns a literal replacement String for the specified String.
Matcher region(int, int) Sets the limits of this matcher's region.
int regionEnd() Reports the end index (exclusive) of this matcher's region.
int regionStart() Reports the start index of this matcher's region.
boolean requireEnd()

Returns true if more input could change a positive match into a negative one.

Matcher usePattern(Pattern) Changes the Pattern that this Matcher uses to find matches with.

Changed Methods
String toString() Method was inherited from Object, but is now defined locally.

Returns the string representation of this Matcher.