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Class javax.swing.event.SwingPropertyChangeSupport

Removed Methods
void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) Add a PropertyChangeListener to the listener list.
void addPropertyChangeListener(String, PropertyChangeListener) Add a PropertyChangeListener for a specific property.
void firePropertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent) Fire an existing PropertyChangeEvent to any registered listeners.
void firePropertyChange(String, Object, Object) Report a bound property update to any registered listeners.
PropertyChangeListener[] getPropertyChangeListeners() Returns an array of all the listeners that were added to the SwingPropertyChangeSupport object with addPropertyChangeListener().
PropertyChangeListener[] getPropertyChangeListeners(String) Returns an array of all the listeners which have been associated with the named property.
void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener) Remove a PropertyChangeListener from the listener list.
void removePropertyChangeListener(String, PropertyChangeListener) Remove a PropertyChangeListener for a specific property.

Changed Methods
boolean hasListeners(String) Method was locally defined, but is now inherited from PropertyChangeSupport. Check if there are any listeners for a specific property.