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Package javax.accessibility

Added Classes and Interfaces
AccessibleAttributeSequence Information about a contiguous sequence of text attributes

The AccessibleExtendedText interface contains additional methods not provided by the AccessibleText interface Applications can determine if an object supports the AccessibleExtendedText interface by first obtaining its AccessibleContext (see Accessible) and then calling the AccessibleContext.getAccessibleText method of AccessibleContext.

AccessibleTextSequence Information about a contiguous sequence of text.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AccessibleAction The AccessibleAction interface should be supported by any object that can perform one or more actions.
AccessibleContext AccessibleContext represents the minimum information all accessible objects return.

Class AccessibleRelation describes a relation between the object that implements the AccessibleRelation and one or more other objects.


Class AccessibleRole determines the role of a component.


Class AccessibleState describes a component's particular state.