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Package javax.swing

Added Classes
JTable.PrintMode Printing modes, used in printing JTables.

Changed Classes
AbstractButton Defines common behaviors for buttons and menu items.
DefaultListCellRenderer Renders an item in a list.
DefaultListSelectionModel Default data model for list selections.
JComboBox.AccessibleJComboBox This class implements accessibility support for the JComboBox class.
JComponent The base class for all Swing components except top-level containers.
JDesktopPane A container used to create a multiple-document interface or a virtual desktop.
JFrame An extended version of java.awt.Frame that adds support for the JFC/Swing component architecture.
JLayeredPane JLayeredPane adds depth to a JFC/Swing container, allowing components to overlap each other when needed.
This class implements accessibility support appropriate for list children.
JPopupMenu An implementation of a popup menu -- a small window that pops up and displays a series of choices.
JRootPane.AccessibleJRootPane This class implements accessibility support for the JRootPane class.
JTable The JTable is used to display and edit regular two-dimensional tables of cells.
LookAndFeel Completely characterizes a look and feel from the point of view of the pluggable look and feel components.
Spring An instance of the Spring class holds three properties that characterize its behavior: the minimum, preferred, and maximum values.
SpringLayout.Constraints A Constraints object holds the constraints that govern the way a component's size and position change in a container controlled by a SpringLayout.